As a trustee, you have a duty to your beneficiaries to fulfil.

The complexity of your unique role often calls for independent financial guidance.

We understand this complexity and can help you to find peace of mind in your role as a trustee. Not only can we help you to get financially organised, but we can also monitor and adapt the financial plan on an ongoing basis to meet the needs of your beneficiaries.

With over 50 years of combined experience, our financial planning team are dedicated to providing a personable, independent and bespoke service to trustees. Namely, we can help you to:

  • Understand and plan for the future; we’ll discuss your timeframes and goals
  • Analyse any investments that are currently in place
  • Build an investment strategy that will help you to achieve the beneficiaries’ goals
  • Manage the investments and financial situation on an ongoing basis

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What our clients say

“We find this relationship to work admirably for us. David is the expert in a field in which we could never hope to be so proficient. We have every intention of maintaining this relationship long into the future.”

Carole and Roger

Clients since 2003

“David’s financial planning advice and knowledge is excellent, and he talks to me in terms I can understand, not financial jargon! I don’t have to look too closely at what is happening, as I know David will be doing that.”


A client since 2004

See what our clients say

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