Our fees

Initial Service

Our initial service involves:

  • An Initial Meeting to determine objectives and needs
  • A full financial review
  • An assessment and explanation of attitude to investment risk
  • Obtain information on your existing investments or policies
  • Research of appropriate solutions
  • Written confirmation of our advice
  • Recommendations
  • Documentation as a result of our advice.
  • Complete administration and document processing for specific advice

We charge a fee of £1,500 to complete the initial review meeting, complete our research and provide a full report of our recommendations. The fee will become payable on presentation of the report.

For new money being invested our typical charges for arranging this are based on the value of the monies being invested.

For example, researching, advising and arranging an investment could be:

Amount investedCharge

For an investment into an ISA of £20,000, the amount would be £600.00. (subject to a minimum fee of £500)

*NB – implementation fee is typically 1% but we do reserve the right to charge up to 3%

Ongoing Service

Our ongoing service includes:

  • An annual assessment of the continued suitability of your investments, to include:
    • A review of your investment objectives
    • A review of your personal circumstances
    • A discussion around your attitude to risk and document any changes in your risk profile and make recommendations for changes where appropriate
    • A discussion around your capacity for loss and document any changes to your capacity for loss and make recommendations for changes where appropriate
    • A discussion around your knowledge and experience of investing
  • Issuing of annual statements
  • Discussion around your portfolio performance
  • Ongoing investment advice
  • Ongoing administration and document processing
  • Reviewing whether your current insurances and protection cover remains appropriate
  • Reviewing your retirement planning
  • Identifying tax changes that may affect your investments
  • Ongoing phone and email support
  • Reviewing your estate planning arrangements (please note that the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation and trust advice).
  • Providing any information required for your accountant or other professionals
  • Reviewing your documents to minimise paperwork
  • Updating our Factfind Questionnaire
  • Trust advice (where applicable)
  • Referral to other professionals

We charge up to a maximum of 1% per annum of the investment or fund value to meet the costs of the Ongoing Advice & Review Service.

For example:

Amount InvestedCharge

The actual fee charged will vary depending upon how the investment performs and it will increase as the fund grows.

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“We find this relationship to work admirably for us. David is the expert in a field in which we could never hope to be so proficient. We have every intention of maintaining this relationship long into the future.”

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“David’s financial planning advice and knowledge is excellent, and he talks to me in terms I can understand, not financial jargon! I don’t have to look too closely at what is happening, as I know David will be doing that.”


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