Client stories

Carole and Roger

Clients since 2003

“Both being hard-working employees, and both wanting to provide a secure financial platform for our future together, we very quickly realised that we would need a professional financial adviser who would provide the expertise we lacked, an up-to-date knowledge of funds, and a hands-on management of our investments. We wanted this to be provided by someone with whom we could develop a continuing, friendly relationship and someone who would be there to help us along the way.

David McCabe and Five Point Consulting have certainly delivered on all these points. David has effectively taken on full responsibility for our investments, from the selection of the portfolio of funds in which we should invest, to the cashing in of appropriate bonds whenever we have needed to do so. He provides an annual status report of our finances which is easy to read and understand, and he visits us whenever we wish to see him for a face-to-face discussion.

We find this relationship to work admirably for us. He is the expert in a field in which we could never hope to be so proficient. He is available, whenever we want, to discuss anything with him. We have every intention of maintaining this relationship long into the future.”


A client since 2004

“David has dealt with my financial affairs for about 15 years now. That is because his financial planning advice and knowledge is excellent and he talks to me in terms I can understand, not financial jargon!

I recently came into a family inheritance, which, to me, was quite substantial and I wanted to make sure I had the best advice as to what to do with it, what my choices were and how to invest it.

David took me through the investment process step by step, after exploring with me all the possibilities and asking me for my aspirations for my future and the money. He produced a very easy to read and understand report, which detailed his recommendations and why he thought these would be most suitable for me.

As he has always done, he will be monitoring the investments on a regular basis and contacting me for regular reviews and changes as he thinks appropriate. That means I don’t have to look too closely at what is happening, as I know David will be doing that.”

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